Indoor Plants For Home With Air Purification Qualities

 A home is a home when you make it one...

It should not be the human beings who are alone living in the home. You should consider other living beings like pets and plants also to co-live with you. After all that's how the eco system of nature is built up. One should not forget the life cycle we all learned in the school time. Every living being contributes equally to the lives of others.

Plants not only are attractive and easy to maintain hobby, they are also necessary to the clean environment of any home. When I say plants, do not think that they will be very costly to buy and maintain. Please look around and check the list below, you will find at least 5 of them growing in your locality. Just get few of them according to your likes and that should do the good job.

Please have a look at the list of recommended plants  for indoor, by various agencies and also those which are my favorites.  They have been proven studies to improve the air quality inside the home.

1. Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller)

The history of Aloe Vera dates back to thousands of years as it was used for various medicinal purposes. Its  gel treats the skin really well during burn, wounds and infections. The latex from the aloe Vera leaf is can be used as oral laxative after consulting medical practitioners. It is also a indoor purifying plant. Formaldehyde and Benzene in the air gets cleaned by Aloe Vera. Dust and allergens from the air  gets removed by it to improve the air quality.

Aloe Vera

2. Bamboo Palm

The Bamboo Palm is a easy to grow plant. It takes time and also outgrows a pot. Hence plan accordingly and find a suitable location. It need indirect sunlight and moist conditions. grows best when kept moist in indirect sunlight. Bamboo palm can remove trichloroethylene, benzene,  and formaldehyde from air.

Bamboo palm

3. Boston Ferns

Boston ferns need a cool place with high humidity and indirect sunlight to grow. They are a little high maintenance plant and need to be kept moist always but it is rated as one of the best air-purifying plants. Boston Ferns remove more formaldehyde from the air than any other plant. It is also known to remove several toxins from the air effectively. Besides, the Boston Ferns look very beautiful especially when hung around the home.

Boston Ferns

4. Chinese Evergreen

This one is another favorite from my list. It can live under any situation like bad light, air and even survives for days without water. It also cleans air pollution. Its leaves are very attractive.

Evergreen plant

5. English Ivy

This is a vine model plant and it climbs up. It is good for landscapes and stays green always. It is good to remove pollutants like Xylene, Formaldehyde, Benzene, and Toluene.

english ivy

6. Money Plant

Money plant is the most common and easy to grow plant for indoor use. This one is found anywhere. Pollutants like Benzene, formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, and Xylene are normally removed by this plant.

Money Plant

7. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are one of my favorites because of its look and the elegance it brings to the interior. Pair it with a nice white or any light color pot to bring out the real splendor. It needs indirect sunlight to grow. So it is best fit for keeping near windows. The white flowers are very beautiful.

Peace Lily

8. Philodendron

The most effective pollution controller is Large philodendron plants. Chemicals normally found in indoor air like formaldehyde gets removed by this plant. The large leaf looks really good and matches a space which is little bit open.


9. Snake Plant

This is a leafy structure plant. The scales of snake is similar to this plant. This can be selected for growing indoor or outdoor. Chemical removal qualities of this plant is also good.

Snake Plant

10. Spider-Plant

Another pick from the easy to grow indoor plant. Give it indirect sunlight, like near a window or patio. This grows our really quick and keeps very green round the year. The height is also average, so you can select it for any space. This also removed unwanted chemicals from the air.

Spider Plant

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